Therese & Kevin got married {and what to do when your nervous about your photography session}

Who: Therese & Kevin

What and Where: Ceremony at Church of the Ascension, Reception at The Jeffersonian

When: March 2019

People like Therese and Kevin make my job so fun. Their entire family is incredibly kind, they are super comfortable in front of the camera and their main focus during their was truly just to enjoy their wedding day. This all came through in the images taken through out the day.

Being in front of the camera can feel weird at times, which I totally understand! Even as a photographer I feel like I don’t know what to do with myself in front of the camera most of the time! The truth is, it can feel weird or silly when someone takes your picture. Most people feel this way, especially if they are not used to being photographed. What can you do if you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? 1. Know it’s totally normal to feel this way. 2. Don’t overthink it. Yes, there are certain positions that are more flattering, but don’t get caught up in thinking “If I move my arm like this, sit like this and move my head like this, it will be perfect!” Often times, getting too caught up in the pose can create an image that is stiff and lifeless. I do help with posing while photographing, but it’s important to stay relaxed, have fun and laugh! Especially if you feel silly. Letting out a laugh can help break the tension and the added bonus is that it creates a beautiful image. 3. You are better at this than you realize. We are all our own worst critiques aren’t we? I can’t tell you how many times I have heard couples tell me that they are “super awkward” in front of the camera. Often times, those same couples hit it out of the park! Don’t be so hard on yourself and remember that this is supposed to be a fun experience. I don’t photograph models for a living, I photograph regular people. So, I don’t expect any of my clients to come to a session “model” ready. haha. 4. Know that your photographer will help you. I like to do a variety of different things when I’m working with any client including talking with them to help them feel more comfortable, suggesting poses, keeping them moving and giving them something specific to do, stepping away and out of ear shot while taking images to give them room to breath and chat with their loved ones while I take wide-angle photographs and more. I don’t expect anyone to smile directly at me for every single image. That gets exhausting, right?

Enjoy the happy images below from Therese and Kevin’s wedding! Thank you guys for being such great humans and congratulations on your new marriage!!

Hair: Laura Heady (J. Estell Salon)

Flowers: Oberer's Florist

Dress: Bridal Suites of Louisville

Suits: Men's Wearhouse

Cake: The Bakery of Louisville

Food: Mark's Feedstore

Drinks: Morris' Deli

Dj: All Star Entertainment