Alaina & Jimmy {engaged}

Alaina and Jimmy wanted to have their engagement session at St. James Court, which has quickly become one of my faaaavorite locations for engagement sessions over the past year. The fall colors were so vibrant on this particular day, which created a perfect backdrop to an already really beautiful, historic area in Louisville. One of the things I love most about engagement sessions is that it gives me and the bride and groom a chance to get to know each other better in a more laid back environment. I love every aspect of this job - however, initial consultations and wedding days are filled with lots of formalities, and it’s typically during the engagement session I really start to see the personality of the couple and vice versa. I really enjoyed my time with Alaina and Jimmy, who are actually planning their wedding from the west coast, which made spending this time with them all the better. Thank you Alaina and Jimmy for making time to meet with me during a busy trip back home! I can’t wait to see you both again in a few more months!