My Kids

We finally fit in some "formal" portraits of the kids this past weekend.  It was so fun!  My husband assisted me during the shoot and we had a blast letting the kids play and be silly while capturing them in their element.  We used the Mellwood Art Center, and I love the industrial look that it gave the photos.  

Sometimes, I get asked about my editing style or what inspires me.  And truth be told, it's my kids, hands down.  Jovie and Warren have this beautiful auburn red hair - I NEVER want to forget how red their hair is at this stage.  I love, love, LOVE their red hair.  Liam, my oldest has these amazing ocean blue-green eyes.  I want to see exactly how stunning his eyes are in photos!  So, I edit my photos so that I can see exactly those things.  I know it's super trendy to edit photos in a dark, moody style, but for me - the colors are part of the story and part of the memory.  

Check out these photos of my cute kids!